Launch of New Book by Chuck Kruger

All those who follow Cape Clear Island and the exploits of its most intrepid writer and poet Chuck Kruger will be delighted at the news of another contribution to the impressive literary and cultural heritage of the Island. Chuck’s latest book, Moments, is largely autobiographical and contains a wealth of well-crafted anecdotes, poetry and interesting photos relating to his family history, upbringing and life experiences leading to the happy outcome on magical Oileán Chléire. 

Island life naturally features prominently and Chuck departs from previous form by including appropriate pieces in appreciative memory of islanders, including the much loved  Concubar Ó Drisceoil and Kathleen Lynch which shall no doubt be treasured by their families and friends. Always interesting, the book offers new and old and often refreshing perspective on many of life’s conundrums. Nell seems enchanting on her wedding day, and childhood Chuck is unmistakably Chuck, but best of all I like the photo with the beach babes, yes, that’s certainly another time and place.

The Book was launched in Club Cléire by another author, historian, archaeologist, storyteller and Islander Diarmuid Ó Drisceoil, who has collaborated for many years with Chuck on the Iconic Cape Clear Island Storytelling Festival on Easter Monday, 6 April. 

    Séamus Ó Drisceoil

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