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view from our farm
Aerial View of South Harbour, The Southernmost House far right, Bullig House below it


View from our farm across the mouth of South Harbour

View from our farm 
across South Harbour 
to the Fastnet

Basking shark off our farm.

Basking shark off our farm

Seals off Cape's coast.

Seals off Cape's coast

A fishing expedition.

A fishing expedition


North Harbour on regatta day.

North Harbour and 
St. Kieran's Church 
on Regatta Day

Pony on Glen West

Pony on Glen West

The tip of our farm, and our daughter Meredith.

The tip of our farm




Cape on Regatta Day.

Cape on Regatta Day

Waves over Hostel.



A seal pup.

Seal Pup


A view of the historic castle of gold.

The Castle of Gold


Arriving on Cape.

Arriving on Cape


View of the North side of the island.

View of North side 
of the island


Napoleonic Watchtower 
and Lighthouse


Asgard in South Harbour.

Asgard in
South Harbour

 Cape from 37000 feet.

Cape from 37000 feet

 Timoleague Chalice.

Timoleague Chalice

Dolphins near the Fastnet.

Dolphins near The Fastnet

The Fastnet Lighthouse


Building a Hay Stack 


Cow to Market 



Storm Coming!


Cape's Grocery Store


A Cape Ruin in Snow

North Harbour in Summer 
(4 lads jumping off main pier)


The Ilen  

A Cape Boreen 


The Baltimore Lifeboat Station in Sunset

Cape's Marriage Stones 

The Old Church of Ireland (photo from c. 1900)

South Harbour in Silver Light

A Sunfish 

South Harbour in Sunset 
(from our driveway)

Foam Lines in South Harbour,looking northwest

Old Lighthouse & Watch Tower

The Croha West Standing Stone

Making Hay

The Naomh Ciaran II Coming Through

The Castle of Gold with a Wave Breaking

High Tide at Main Pier

The Castle of Gold

Cape from 4,000 Feet

Chuck & Nell 


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